Rotating Marla Aaron products
Rotating Marla Aaron products

Please clean your room and other dramatic Mother’s Day desires.

May 06, 2019

May 2019

Hello again!

Another year. Another Mother's Day. Because this "newsletter" only goes to our customers or individuals who already have an interest in our jewelry, its not very likely that it is going to reach potential givers of our jewelry as Mother's Day gifts.

But let's assume for a moment it did. Let's assume that this email is magical... or at the very least we have done some serious slicing and dicing of databases to reach the precise people who are seeking advice on what to get their mothers this Mother's Day.

Let's go from there.

If that is the case then may we suggest:

The Earring Project

If you were to buy our earrings as a gift for Mother's Day it would speak VOLUMES about your understanding of the multifaceted nature of motherhood today. Our earrings are convertible which means that they can be worn in many, many ways. That they are light as a feather is part of the plan. We continue to grow our collection of discs and cushions as part of The Earring Project. Women who own them love them and have begun, like the locks, collecting the components. Starting that collection for someone is a wildly fun jewelry gift. See them HERE

The Boomerang Lock.

I made the Boomerang Lock because I love the idea of how a boomerang returns to you. There's something very poignant about receiving a Boomerang Lock for Mother's Day--we teach them to fly and then well... they can fly home. See them HERE.

Mega Curb Bracelet

The Mega Curb Bracelet is now available in silver and all colors of gold and a Half & Half version in gold and silver. The gold version is as weighty as you imagine and our customers have responded positively to them in all colors. Because nothing says I love you like giving a gift with the word "mega" in it... available in many versions. See them HERE.


We began to work with Fordite –treating it like just another part of our All Inlay Series:

In the automotive factories, on the floors where they paint the cars, the paint layers and forms a hard surface—like a stone. Some enterprising person realized that chiseling it off allowed for it to be formed into jewelry, pens, the occasional handle to a knife and many things actually. The Fordite we use is from the Ford Motor Company between the years of 1960 and 1990. We also have some Corvette paint as those cars were painted in a different room and have different colors. People are loving them and I think it's because of the mythical quality of Detroit itself—the boom and the bust of it and now its resurrection... a very American story. These pieces are available in limited numbers in Locks, Cufflings, Earring Discs and Charms. See the entire collection HERE.


And finally, Mother's Day is when we as a company get to do one of our most favorite projects which is #lockyourmom where we give away locks to single moms in the US. It is our 4th year doing this and we gave 400 of the sterling silver heart locks with an exclamation point that symbolizes the !!! of motherhood to deserving single moms (and a few dads) around the country. You can learn more about it HERE on our website. In a twist this year, we have included our vending machine in #lockyourmom by having New York based mothers go to the vending machine with a code. Once they enter their code the machine dispenses their individually gift-wrapped locks.


Finally, they love us in England and wrote a little article about some of my personal pieces here in The Telegraph.

I don't know if this helped. I hope it did to some extent. One can only make suggestions. Next year perhaps reach out to me and I can call your children or partners on your behalf and insist they buy you our jewelry.

As always, please follow us on Instagram for the latest news and lots of my unedited enthusiasm about our collection and a constant flood of nonsense.

I hope you have a wonderful Mother's Day in every way. Thank you for your continued interest in my work.

And if you're reading this and you live at home and are a teenager, clean your room. That is enough.

Warmest wishes,       

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Babylock in Gold$465
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Babylock in Silver$110
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Babylock in Platinum$770
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Medium Lock in Gold$1,150
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Regular Lock in SilverFrom  $300

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