Social Content Producer

Content is a constantly changing “animal” at Marla Aaron Jewelry and as the Social Content Producer it will be your job to be on top of what is the latest and steer us towards best-in-class behaviors for a luxury brand as we communicate. You will work closely with the CEO/Founder and Brand Director to be the gatekeeper for every piece of content that enters and exits the “vault”. We are constantly creating as a company, whether it be jewelry (obviously), photos, videos, or the written word. What we create benefits us all. You will be the producer and distributor of this content to ensure it gets into the right hands. You will be an advocate for each department making sure that the appropriate assets exist and are deployed effectively. You will also play an instrumental part in how we disseminate the content into the world, whether it be posting on social media, collaborating with your team to ensure there is a throughline from social to our website and that our stores around the world are armed with what they need to represent us in their respective markets. You will make it your primary goal to know this content inside and out and will be responsible for keeping a consistent pulse on the content that our audience enjoys. This is all for them after all. Every photo, every video, every caption – it all serves the very purpose of bringing joy to people through the jewelry that we create. You will play a crucial role in ensuring we meet this goal.  

Reports to the Brand Director with a dotted line to the CEO.

The Details:

  • Concept, pitch and produce brand-aligned content ideas to run across our social platforms (IG, TikTok and Pinterest). 
  • Embracing an iterative process while servicing quick turnaround times, capturing trending moments (when it makes sense for the brand) and maintaining a clear, enthusiastic, and proactive approach towards content development and execution across all channels.
  • Identifying ways to continuously drive engagement via brand discovery and awareness.
  • Consistently monitor and report on the performance of outputs across channels, coming up with recommendations or improvements and new things to test based on results.
  • Assisting the coordination of photo shoots—collaborating with a roster of freelance creatives.
  • Collaborate with our marketing team to identify opportunities for content to be used in other channels, such as through paid ads and our website.
  • Play an important role in the strategy of the marketing plans surrounding product launches and brand initiatives.
  • Assist CEO and Brand Director on special projects.

Experience Level: 3-4 years

Salary Range: $63,000-$73,000


  • Are a fast learner
  • Have rigorous attention to detail
  • When you make mistakes, you own them. 
  • Ask questions when you don't understand.
  • Are able to empathize and have the ability to put yourself in the customer's shoes 
  • Find the positive in negative situations.
  • Know how to communicate effectively by phone, by email, by text, by social media. In person. 
  • Are proficient in Microsoft Office and have a desire and ability to learn the technology necessary to improve workflow, whatever that may be. 
  • Love organization in a Marie Kondo sort of way. 
  • Love jewelry and fashion but you love the human race even more. 
  • Are willing to take on tasks that may fall outside of your job description --this will happen--you roll with it. 

About us: 

We are a rebellious little company and we make jewelry and other objects in New York City. They are beautiful and people seem to love them. What began with one lock is now an entire collection designed to be worn in infinite ways and used as “jewel tools” with individuals’ own collections—to redefine the “precious” in jewelry with individuality. The collection is sold online and in select independent stores in the US and around the world and even in a vending machine or two. 

We are an equal opportunity employer for whom diversity and inclusion are a passion and a commitment.

We provide health insurance as well as dental and vision plans.

401K matching program.

Access to personal and professional development coaching and support.

Other benefits such as transit vouchers, discounts at certain gyms and retailers. 

“Errand Day” (you’ll learn about that if you come in for an interview)

Our offices are decidedly “unoffice like” and fill a full floor on 47th street in the heart of New York’s Diamond District. Our fridge is also filled with great food.  

Please send all resumes and cover letters to


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