We've prepared some delicious gift ideas for you... Let's dig in.

Something for everyone that they will love and use forever.

Our jewelry works. Literally. And we know there is someone in your life who can use it. Here, we’ve compiled a bit of this a bit of that, whether it is a small something or the gift of a lifetime, there is something here for someone you love or even you. 

Talking Chains

We developed a jointing system so the characters move with the chain itself. Here's what you should think about: what will you say?

What will you say with Talking Chains?

SET 4 is here.

What would Marla buy?

People often think that Marla has everything but in fact she is quite choosy about what pieces she wants in her own collection. No bad choices for you or for anyone on your holiday gift list.

"I’ve put together some forever favorites and the things that we’ve made this year that are keeping me up at night."

Marla Wants


MiniMega Curb Half and Half Bracelet

From 893.200 kr

Rolling Spheres Cuff Bracelet with Gold Balls

2.467.800 kr

Hand Engraved Chubby DiMe Ring

1.064.300 kr

Chubby Rolling Spheres Ring with Gold Balls

From 638.600 kr

Handmade Biker Chain Necklace in Gold

From 651.100 kr

Allstone Chubby Babylock with Diamonds

From 957.900 kr

Pushmipullyu Lock in Gold

908.200 kr

Tacky/Fuschia Enamel Hinged Cuffling

From 134.900 kr

Talking Chains

74.600 kr

The Tandem Pulley

454.100 kr

Trundle Lock Bracelet

1.106.900 kr

DiMe Ring

326.400 kr

Pearl Trundle Lock Ring

From 647.000 kr

Musgrave Lock in Gold

851.500 kr

MiniMega Curb Chain in Gold Necklace

From 3.783.100 kr

Green Gold Surface of the Moonlock

468.300 kr

Our most loved pieces from around the world

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