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The locks were the original concept for the entire collection. Once Marla realized that she could morph the shape of a hardware store carabiner in a myriad of ways, the collection became a reality. People often ask her which one is the one to own and she honestly can't say. They are all solid and strong and crafted by hand and can be worn in infinite ways.


Here you will find a selection of chains at varying weights and lengths to customize your lock however you wish. When you choose your chain try and think about the different possible ways you may want to wear it. For example a 36” chain can double and in some cases triple around the neck and can even be worn as a bracelet. All locks can fit on all the chains but if you are purchasing a larger lock then you want to make certain that your chain choice is heavy enough to carry that lock. All the chain choices will include images of ways it is worn but we are always surprised by the way you #makeityourown.

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Curled up gold Marla Aaron heavy curb chain
Close up of woman's decolletage wearing heavy curb chain necklace

Heavy Curb Chain in Gold Necklace

From L 179,173.00
Rose gold necklace pulley chain curled up alongside silver and gold pulley chains
Close up of woman's decolletage wearing gold pulley chain

Pulley Chain in Gold Necklace

From L 38,513.00
Curled up gold chain necklace
Close up of woman's decolletage wearing many necklaces including very fine gold chain necklace

Fine Curb Chain in Gold Necklace

From L 21,119.00

Rolo Chain in Gold Necklace

From L 61,595.00


Here you will find a selection of our rings and their sizes. The rings in the Di Me series open up to reveal an interior engraving for you to personalize. Engraving is by hand.

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Chubby DiMe Ring

L 168,333.00

All Inlay Ring with Cachalong

L 165,783.00

The Trundle Lock Ring

L 73,965.00

Medium DiMe Ring

L 94,369.00

All Inlay Ring

L 165,783.00


Charms help us commemorate the past and celebrate the present. We began making charms slowly, only adding them when we felt we had something interesting to contribute. Our charms defy categories, They all swivel and are engravable. They realize their full potential when combined in a personal way. Choose one. Choose some. If you don't see a stone selection you want, email us.


These earrings have been in the works for a long time. When I was thinking about them, I realized that what makes our locks great is their weightiness and their convertibility. But we did not want to make heavy earrings. We wanted to make earrings that were light and could be worn in many different ways. They are light. They are two sided and they are stackable. The earring base can be worn on its own and is purposely designed not as hoop but more like a thick line--to sit tight on your ear. The Lozenges are sold individually so that you can wear them unmatched. Add a Disc. Please play with them


Custom projects are an incredible opportunity to work closely with Marla and the team on something one of a kind. These are projects that take time and we undertake them on a case by case basis. If you have an idea and are interested in pursuing a bespoke piece, please email us at

Satirical Lock

Celestial Lock

Chubby DiMe Ring


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