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Marla Aaron takes a functional maximalism approach to jewelry.


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Marla Aaron takes a functional maximalism approach to jewelry.

What began in 2012 with the iconic recasting of the carabiner Lock into precious metals and chains expanded rapidly into rings and bracelets that open and close, convertible earrings, charms, and many other objects–several of which hold US patents, and proudly range anywhere from $100 to $200,000. Jewelry’s only job is to bring joy to as many people as possible are words that the company lives by. In 2024, Marla was awarded the Gem Award for Jewelry Design by the Jewelers of America. She resides in New York City with her husband, knitting and waiting for her children to come home to visit.

The Idea

Marla Aaron launched the first collection in 2012 when her combined obsessions with bridges, hardware and jewelry could no longer be ignored. All of the pieces in the collection are proudly made and finished by hand in New York City and sold all over the world. What began with one lock is now an entire collection designed to be worn in infinite ways and used as “jewel tools” with individuals’ own collections—to redefine the “precious” in jewelry with individuality. Although recognized for its streamlined, industrial look, the collection is deeply rooted in the personal and emotional jewelry of the Victorian and Georgian eras 
and has expanded to incorporate many other elements.



Each Mother’s Day, since 2015, we give away Baby Heartlocks (engraved with a “!” for the “!!!!” of motherhood) to single moms. People (kids, friends, other moms, anyone!) are invited to nominate a mom and we send her a Lock in time for the holiday. These Locks are like a medal for the single mom in your life and she deserves it. This gift is especially poignant when children are too small to say “thank you” or “Happy Mother’s Day” themselves, which is coincidentally the most intense time of parenting.

We make 1500 of these Locks to give, and once they are gone, they are gone. One of our most defining initiatives, #lockyourmom has become bigger, better, and more impactful each passing year. This is an office and teamwide effort—everyone contributes extra time in some way.

It’s ‘crazy’ to put jewelry in a vending machine” - Everybody. The Marla Aaron Vending Machine was inspired by a trip to Japan where Marla observed colorful vending machines everywhere and decided it would be fun to sell jewelry out of them. This resulted in 3 successful installations around New York City, with the first presentation at the Brooklyn Museum in 2017 followed by a stint in SoHo where children were reciting a Shakespearian sonnet on its screen, and then in 2021 in Rockefeller Center, specifically selling tiny chairs to raise money for World Central Kitchen, an organization that, during the pandemic, helped put restaurants to work. Our Vending Machine is an ongoing social installation.Where will it go next?

Tell me a color

#TellMeAColor is a 
crowd-sourced celebration 
of color.

A game that asks people to share the best expression of their favorite color and why 
as a means of sourcing our next Enamel Series color.


Take a Seat

During the pandemic, businesses and livelihoods within the restaurant industry were at stake. Seeing all of the empty chairs at restaurants on a walk home, Marla was inspired to do something to help. This resulted in the creation of a tiny silver chair, both object and charm. 100% of the profits went directly to World Central Kitchen, an organization that was helping restaurants stay afloat during this difficult time. These chairs were sold with select retail partners, on the Marla Aaron Website, and most notably, from the Marla Aaron Vending Machine, which was relocated to Times Square specifically for the cause. This partnership was brought back in 2022 as Take a Seat for Ukraine, donating 100% of the proceeds to World Central Kitchen to help Ukraine by setting up relief tents and helping feed people around the borders.


Gem Awards

In 2024 Marla won the Gem Award for Jewelry Design. She brought the entire team, who shouted and cried as she opened her speech saying, “I’m not supposed to be here. I have made so many mistakes, personally and professionally. It’s just a miracle that I am standing in front of you with this award. I have 2 ó tables here tonight — of people who have had front row seat to my mistakes.” She also shouted out the unsung heroes of New York City Diamond District’s 47th Street that help make the designs a reality, concluding “The design is really just a fraction of the entire thing that happens to bring a piece of jewelry to life. Thank you all for doing this with me.”

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