Why we give Locks away.

We started giving locks away to single moms in 2015. We do this because Marla was a single mom for a period when her son was small and she still remembers it as being a difficult but extremely rewarding part of her life. 

She recalls Mother's Day as being especially  bittersweet because especially when your children are small  and you are alone as a single parent there is no one there to celebrate you and that can feel sad. Which is why she decided to give sterling silver Heartlock away to single moms every year on Mother’s Day.  A way to say thank you for all that single moms do when their children are too small to say it for themselves. 

The exclamation point!

We wanted to add something on the Heartlock to make it special and specific to single motherhood which is how we decided to add an exclamation point. For the !!!! of motherhood — the powerful, speechless feeling of motherhood.

It’s simple.

Tell us about a single mom in your life. You know one. We are sure of it.  We will send her a heartlock. 

We want to thank single moms for all they do, and this thank you is especially poignant when children are too small to say thank you or “HappyMother’s Day” themselves,

Follow #lockyourmom

Giving the locks is a small thing in the grand scheme of things but we have found that they make the recipients happy. It is that simple. To date we have given away thousands of locks to single moms all over the country — we even gave some away in our vending machine — and we are not done yet. 

If you are just joining us and want to know what it all means, follow the #lockyourmom hashtag on Instagram.


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