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Our Strands

Pearl Strands

Akoya Pearl and Sleeping Beauty Turquoise Half & Half Strand

From Q49,489.00

Akoya Pearl and Buffed Hematite Half & Half Strand

From Q25,593.00

Akoya Pearl Strand with Allstone Diamond Loops

From Q64,158.00

Akoya Pearl Strand

From Q45,493.00

Gold Babylock on an Akoya Pearl Strand


Itty Bitty Strands


Itty Bitty Malachite Strand

From Q3,633.00

Itty Bitty Black Spinel Strand

From Q3,633.00

Itty Bitty Strand with Lapis

From Q4,546.00

Itty Bitty Strand with Pink Spinel

From Q4,546.00

Itty Bitty Tiger Iron Strand

From Q3,633.00

Itty Bitty Garnet Strand

From Q4,546.00

Itty Bitty Orange Agate Strand

From Q3,633.00

Itty Bitty Colored Agate Strand

From Q3,633.00

Other Strands


Red Greenland Ruby Strand

From Q46,018.00

Turquoise Rondelle Strand

From Q11,141.00

Lapis Rondelle Strand

From Q6,863.00

Amethyst Rondelle Strand

From Q6,863.00