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Lock Your Mom

The Story

Time for a little story. Years ago I was grappling with this idea of wanting to give back to single moms in a meaningful way. Or at least in some way. Because I was one once and there was a bitter sweetness to Mother’s Day itself and to the loneliness of single parenting sometimes. In the midst of this “grappling” I ended up at a fancy ass dinner sitting next to a woman who one could say, is famous. And I was intimidated. Very. I didn’t know what I would talk about for an ENTIRE DINNER with this person. Welp. She was a mother of small children at the time. A single mother. And we ended up talking about the loneliness we felt as single parents. It was in that moment I realized that this loneliness of single parenting happens if you are rich or poor, famous or regular. The parenting part is alone and hard and the same wherever you are in your life. Money could ease some of it but it doesn’t take that feeling away. Especially on Mother’s Day. Your responses have been nothing short of bonkers. Thank you. If you’re just joining us, and have no idea what I’m talking about, we give locks away to single moms on Mother’s Day. Nominations will be open in the Spring.

The Story
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