The wait is over.

The wait is over.

Talking Chains is here.

That's all we wanted to say.

With Talking Chains we took the idea of "nameplate /id ” jewelry but decided that the characters should be part of the chain itself so it could move with the chain. It seems like a tiny edit, but it sort of changes it entirely. Because the names or words or whatever you choose now exist as part of the chain. 

We chose two chains--the Heavy Curb Chain and our Biker or Handmade Biker as the backdrop for Talking Chains. 

Of course they don't really talk, but they fluidly act like a chain which was achieved through a jointing system that took us over a year to develop and is patent pending. 

With Talking Chains we challenged ourselves with the notion that all the characters had to move precisely like the chain so no mobility or function would be lost. (If you think of a standard name tag necklace or ID bracelet, the characters are immobile.) Everything had to move together. 

You can say pretty much whatever you want with Talking Chains and they will sit on your neck or your wrist, and, quietly but smashingly, say something in gold or silver or combinations of both. 

Here are some important points to keep in mind before placing orders:

  • Choose at least 3 up to 10 letters on our website. (for more email us) 
  • You can wear any and all of our Locks with Talking Chains 
  • The chain length you choose includes the letters already. We do the calculation for you. For example, if you pick a 16" chain with 6 letters, your chain will measure 16"; if you pick a 16" chain with 10 letters, your chain will still measure 16". 
  • If you have a 6" wrist and you're planning to wear the chain with a Babylock (which adds about half an inch) you'd want to go with a 5.5" chain for a perfect fit. If you'd like a little extra room, just add half an inch. 
  • You can spell absolutely anything. Say what you want with your Talking Chains.

On a final note, the complexity of this project involved every member of our team. We are excited to see what you will say with Talking Chains. 

As ever, we thank you for your interest in our work.


The entire Marla Aaron Team


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