I have a little story for you. It won't take long.

I have a little story for you. It won't take long.

February 15th, 2021


I hope you and yours are OK. 
We always need to start there. Especially now.

I have a little story for you. Maybe you’ll want to take a seat for it.

It’s not long, I promise.

I like to walk part of the way home to Harlem when I leave work at night.  This winter, during those walks, I could not help but be moved by the situation with the restaurant industry.  I would see the empty restaurants lining the streets....the empty chairs. It was all the empty chairs that got me. As someone who owns a small business that seemingly made it through the worst of the pandemic I felt like I had to do something.....

So I searched “most common restaurant chair” and a certain type of chair came up that felt like a "restaurant chair" to me.  I decided to make one in silver --small enough to be a charm, but substantial enough to exist as an object too.

We  decided that this was the perfect way to bring back our vending machine --to at least have New Yorkers be able to "stumble upon"  our chair. If you live in New York you will find it at Rockefeller Center--we couldn't be more thankful for that! 

Here's Meredith in front of the Vending Machine. She worked very hard at getting it ready for you all. We'll share more pictures soon.

World Central Kitchen agreed to partner with us  and 100% of the  proceeds will go directly to their global effort putting restaurants and their employees to work to feed the hungry. Our goal with this partnership is to generate as much as we can in relief funds, which WCK will put to use where it’s most needed.

You can buy the chair here, at our vending machine or at our select retail partners around the country, who generously agreed to sell the chair in their stores with all proceeds going to WCK.

Again, we could not be more thankful. 

Back to the chair. You can hang it on a chain, fiddle with it,  treasure it--or give it to someone who loves restaurants and their people.

I always say that jewelry's only job is to bring joy to people. I do believe that but this project sort of expands jewelry's general job description.

We sincerely hope you’ll join us and “Take a Seat for Restaurants” and thank you from the bottom of my heart. 

I can't wait for us all to get back to going to the restaurants we love.



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