About the jewelry we give away on Mother's Day and then some

About the jewelry we give away on Mother's Day and then some

April 2017

Hi you!

I'm writing because… Mother's Day.

It will be upon us before we know it. Once again, we are planning to give away silver Baby Heart Locks to single moms — more than we ever have before at one time, 200 to be exact – all in the days leading up to Mother's Day. 

It is our small way of giving back, and here's why:  

It's simple, really. I was a single mom before I got remarried, and I remember how it felt on Mother's Day when mothers everywhere were receiving gifts. When you have a small child and it's Mother's Day and virtually everyone around you has a partner who is celebrating their "motherliness" – well, it feels a bit sad. 


On Mother's Day 2016, we decided to give away 50 special edition Baby Heart Locks in sterling silver with an engraved exclamation point (because, motherhood!) to single moms. The response was so incredible, and went on with so much momentum beyond Mother's Day, that we decided to go beyond too.  We give the locks out to deserving single moms whenever we find out about them – as much as we can as a small business.


So, if you know, love, or are a single mom, tell us about her. Drop us a note at lockyourmom@marlaaron.com, and include the address where you would like us to send the lock.  

In order to make and ship locks in time for mothers to receive them for Mother's Day (hint! It's coming up soon!) we will need submissions by Friday, April 28. 

And for the rest of the deserving mamas out there who should be celebrated, here are a few ideas for you.  We love a classic Heart Lock and even the most unsentimental curmudgeon in the world cannot NOT melt for a heart given with love on Mother's Day.  For extra wow, just add rubies, set in 14 karat gold

Remember that all of our locks without stones can be engraved on six sides, so if you have something to say, or initials or dates, this is perfect. 

Now if you have a lot to say (like an entire poem, or a love letter, or lyrics from a song) there’s the Di Me Bracelet bracelet, in 14k gold or sterling silver, that lets you engrave anything and lots of it. A secret, ultra-luxe way to have something special hidden in plain sight. Just remember, we need two weeks to have this one ready in time.

Whenever people place orders and I am talking to them, I invariably get the question, "What do you get for Mother's Day?" or "What does a jewelry designer want on Mother's Day?"

Oh this is very easy.  

I want an empty dishwasher.  Really. This would give me untold amounts of joy.  And I do not mean a new one, I simply mean mine, emptied…. okay, and this Dominique Ansel Blackberry Blood Orange Tart to eat by myself while I rewatch all 3 seasons of Transparent.


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