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Our love for Chubby, free shipping, a chicken in a pot, and horse socks.

Our love for Chubby, free shipping, a chicken in a pot, and horse socks.

November, 2018

Hello again!

We promised we would never inundate your inbox with emails and we’ve delivered far beyond my expectations. In fact, welcome to our first newsletter of 2018!

I’ll get the housekeeping out of the way first: On Monday we will begin offering free shipping on all US orders. No biggie for the “biggie” retailers but certainly big for our little world. I hope you enjoy it and find a reason to order something from us.  

It’s only fitting that during the week of Thanksgiving we send an email about Chubby things. We’ve been fixated on chubby things this year especially. 

Our Chubby Di Me ring which allows you to say something epic to someone you love or to yourself came into being. 



And then we launched the Stoned Chubby Baby Series 


And finally the Chubby Medium most recently which I myself have taken a liking to... 

So Chubby…

Did you know that on the East Coast Thanksgiving weekend is to be the coldest in recent memory? Everyone is going to be hunkering down and wanting something spectacularly cozy to eat. My one hit wonder go-to is my heavily edited version of Dorie Greenspan’s Chicken in a pot.

You can see my specific edits to that recipe here

It’s idiot proof. Invite people over-it’ll be great!

You’ll need socks. Everyone does. Can I share my recent bizarre discovery? Equestrian socks.

They are amazing. I found them on this horsey website called Kaval I don’t ride but I now dress like I do☺

I leave you with one more chubby thought… the book, "The Wedding Procession of the Ragdoll and the Broomhandle and Who Was In It", by American poet Carl Sandburg. 

I was thrilled to see that this sweet and gorgeous children’s book— that was a part of my childhood and my children's —with its “Chubby Chubs” is back in print.

And with that, we wish you a wonderful Thanksgiving.

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