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We aren't crazy.

We just think that there are always new ways to look at old things to make new things and other things.

That's the gist of it.


We started giving locks away to single moms in 2015. We do this because Marla was a single mom when her son was small. Then she met her husband and together with their children they made a family.

Being a single mom was the most difficult time in Marla's life. Mother's Day was specifically bittersweet. When you have a small child and it’s Mother’s Day and virtually everyone around you has a partner who is celebrating their “motherliness”… well it can feel sad. She remembers that feeling and she wants to give back in a small personal way.

We will, as always (since 2015), invite you to nominate a single mom.

And we will send her a heartlock with a “!” engraved on it for the “!” of motherhood.

This is our way of thanking single moms for all they do, and this thank you is especially poignant when children are too small to say thank you or “Happy Mother’s Day” themselves, which is coincidentally the most intense time of parenting.

In support of single mothers

The exclamation point!

Over 7,000 locks given away

More. Bigger. Better.

A Brunch and a "Flower Shop"

In 2023, we once again were able to host a brunch and a “flower shop” so some more than 100 very special single moms and grandmas could have a wonderful day.

Some incredible partners joined us! They left with their arms filled with flowers, makeup by Bobbi Brown, Kate Spade bags provided by Materials For The Arts and of course one of our sterling silver Heartlocks.

A special thank you to Henry Street Settlement who made this possible.

A delicious brunch with gifts for more than 100 single moms and grandmas

Every single mom walked away with a bouquet curated by @flowerculttt.

Follow #lockyourmom

Giving the locks is a small thing in the grand scheme of things but we have found that they make the recipients happy. It is that simple. To date we have given away thousands of locks to single moms all over the country 
— we even gave some away in our vending machine — and 
we are not done yet.

If you are just joining us and want to know what it all means, follow the #lockyourmom hashtag on Instagram.

"Take a Seat"

In 2021, during this sad and complicated COVID time, for many in the restaurant industry, the continuity of their businesses and livelihoods were at stake. As a small independent business, we started this project where 100% of the proceeds above cost - or $200 of each sale - was donated to World Central Kitchen – the organization founded by Chef Jose Andres.

In 2022, we asked you to "Take a Seat" with us yet again where 100% of the proceeds from this object and charm has gone to World Central Kitchen who was helping to provide meals to refugees fleeing Ukraine.


"This Tiny $250 Chair Comes From a Vending Machine and Supports World Central Kitchen


"United We Stand: The Jewelry Industry’s Efforts To Support And Raise Funds For Ukraine"


"Marla Aaron Made This Tiny Chair to Benefit the Ailing Restaurant Industry"

Vending Machine

It’s crazy to put jewelry in a vending machine. So, we did.

Inspired by a trip to Japan where she saw colorful vending machines everywhere, Marla decided that we needed to sell our jewelry this way. Or at least try to do it. The result were 3 successful and distinct installations around New York City that kicked off at the Brooklyn Museum in 2017.

It wasn't just about selling jewelry at the vending machine. The challenge was to create an authentic experience of our jewelry when someone was standing in front of the machine. The experience each time was guided by a different video that told a story--about the jewelry, the location or in one instance simply children reciting a Shakespearan sonnet. Jewelry was just one part of the experience. Stay tuned for more installations and vending machine adventures.

A timeless message about love with a little help from Shakespeare

Love Is Everything, our short film, features kids ranging in age from three to 13 reciting the words of Shakespeare’s Sonnet 130, My Mistress’s Eyes Are Nothing Like the Sun. The piece was created to celebrate Valentine’s Day and mark the installation of a Marla Aaron Jewelry vending machine at MZ Wallace’s flagship store in New York’s Soho neighborhood.

Video credit: Something Differen

Tell Me a Color

Marla loves color. Everyone does actually. Let’s break it down shall we? This is where we talk about color. It was an annual event where our fans inspire the next collection.

Think of your favorite color

Think about the best possible expression of it. Then post that picture to Instagram.

Tag it #tellmeacolor

In the caption, describe it for us. Name it. Tell us why this color inspires you and above all, tag it with #tellmeacolor!

Tag and follow

We’ll see the post and consider it for usage if you tag and follow both @marlaaaron


These were the styles crafted with the winning colors.

Orange and gold enamel lock with closed clasp facing right
Close up of woman's decolletage wearing necklace with orange enamel jewelry lock

Pêche Enamel Chubby Babylock


Pêche Ombre Enamel Hinged Cuffling

From BZ$1,972.00

Pêche Cuffling® Earcuff


Medium Lock with Lawrence Enamel


Lawrence Enamel Hinged Cuffling

From BZ$2,387.00

Lawrence Cuffling® Earcuff



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