We love the Little Guy Zone!

We love the Little Guy Zone!


I hope this finds you and yours well.

We are launching something special (small but special) and thought you might want to know.

But first a little story!

Have you heard about the apartment building in New York City where the tenants have filled the stairwell with little toy animals, people and objects? I stumbled upon this and found it incredibly touching. It’s not happening as an activity that they do together but on their own, people just keep adding there little stuff to the stairwell. Adorable right? Wait for it…they call it the “Little Guy Zone”…I can’t….

Of course someone on our team saw this and started doing it on a windowsill in our office and well…have a look.

Which leads me to yet another little thing and that is about some new additions to our Itty Bitty series of charms.

They are the same shapes as our Itty Bitties but these are solid 18K gold, full pave on both sides and they swivel…of course they do!

So now they are Itty Bitty Charms that feel even more like an “itty bitty” treasure…….

Perfect to add one or two or more to any of our Locks. Personally I love a bunch on our Freeform Heartlock …but any combo is perfect. So now even more ways to “Itty Bitty”…we’re on a bit of a charm kick so stay tuned for more.
We’re not done yet.

Please let us know what you think of them! Ask us questions! But more important than anything, thank you thank you always for your interest in our work.


P.S. if you don’t know already, we launched a Youtube channel with our latest episodes of Jewelry Problems and unMaster Class. I am still figuring out what to do there but that never stops us.

I think I may have driven Sarah (our social media manager) mad a little. But it’s ok. I think she still loves me. Anyways, have a look…see what you think.


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