Still's been a while. We have news.

Still's been a while. We have news.

Hi again.


It’s been awhile. We’ve changed a little since the last time I bothered you with one of these.  Hope you like what you see.

I promise I’ll be brief.

In what is our most comprehensive launch to date, last month we released our Letter Locks--the entire alphabet. Our locks always combine design and utility because they are meant to be used as "tools".  The Letter Locks pay homage to the Bauhaus and the androgyny of that era -- a time where there was a desire for beauty in practicality and women quite literally dressed for it with men's suits becoming all the rage--think of the glorious images of Marlene Dietrich from that time. We didn't quite accept a Bauhaus typeface for our Letter Locks, opting instead to make our own with form following function as we moved through each letter and size.

Creating the alphabet as locks was a challenge. We had to make them useful like our locks—and beautiful. And fit together as a “family”. When one changed, the others had to. We hope you like the results, in two sizes. You can see them here on our website.

If you follow us on Instagram you know that we had the distinct pleasure of creating all the jewelry designs for fashion designer Roland Mouret for his Spring Summer 2020 collection this past September. He slid into my DMs and it was one of the most wonderful experiences for me personally and our team. The show was held in a beautiful hidden garden at the Royal Academy in London. The experience stretched us and allowed us to try a few new things that worked on the runway and may even work “in real life”.


We took our work with Fordite and we blew it up into gargantuan discs that could be worn as earrings or as pendantsIf you own our earrings then you know how light and versatile they are.

We were asked to create a pierceless earring in the event that the models at the show did not have pierced ears and we were thrilled with the results.

Many of you know that I quite literally began by selling our jewelry out of my house so it was not a real stretch for us to create a by appointment experience for you in New York City. If you would like to visit us, you can do that now with appointments that can be scheduled on our website. It's a way for you to see everything we make, try it all on, bring pieces from your own collection and make it yours. With a little help from us. You may leave with some pieces but you may also place orders for pieces that will then be shipped to you. Like all that we do, it is an experiment and subject to change.

We hope you’ll visit.


On a totally personal note, while I did think you would find the jewelry useful and beautiful, your response overall was more than anticipated in the best possible way. Thank you as always for the opportunity to make things for you. We are not done yet.



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