Marla does math for the first time.

Marla does math for the first time.

February 1, 2021


You may have received an email or two earlier this week regarding a “very mysterious drop” that displayed our total lack of “supreme” understanding about how one properly announces a drop.  Like we are not “drop people”. 

If you unsubscribed after reading it or after reading the above and are no longer with us, that’s OK. And if you are, that means we’re doing something right and are likely fielding job offers from every streetwear brand across the country--maybe even the world. 

So the drop. You want to hear about the drop.   

The Drop is called SET.

Just SET.

What you need to know about SET:

No particular or hierarchical order, each point is equally important to us, we just wanted to list them in a way that felt aligned with the way someone who knows what they’re doing when it comes to drops might list them. So we’ll begin with numbers. 

We made 50. That’s all there is. There isn’t anymore.

Here’s what SET is: 

  • One 6" Not So Heavy Curb Chain with yellow gold loops
  • One 6" Not So Heavy Curb Chain with rose gold loops
  • One 6" Not So Heavy Curb Chain with one yellow gold loop and one rose gold loop



  • One Yellow Gold Babylock
  • One Sterling Silver Baby Droplock
  • One Rose Gold Baby Meander Lock
And that's SET!

It's available now.

We think you’ll love SET or know someone who would love it. You could show someone “all the ways” you love them with it. We love it and we love you. 

And yes….we love fake holidays like Valentine’s day. Anything to feel good.

Because that’s jewelry’s only job.


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