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Build Your Own Bracelet


Babylock in Gold


Babylock in Silver


Boltlock in Gold


Heartlock in Gold


Heartlock in Silver

From €190,95

Medium Lock in Gold


Boltlock in Silver

From €155,95

Regular Lock in Gold


Bracelet Chains


Mega Curb Chain with Gold Links Bracelet

From €2.536,95

Mega Curb Half and Half Chain Bracelet

From €10.937,95

Mega Curb Chain in Gold Bracelet

From €19.734,95

Greek Key Bracelet Chain in Gold

From €5.896,95

Silver Black Rhodium Mega Biker with Gold Link Bracelet

From €1.566,95

Black Rhodium Mega Biker Bracelet

From €1.166,95

Biker Chain Bracelet in Silver

From €192,95

Handmade Biker Chain Bracelet in Gold

From €1.849,95



Cracker/Red Enamel Hinged Cuffling

From €903,95

Bubblegum/Tacky Enamel Hinged Cuffling

From €903,95

Princess/Cognac Enamel Hinged Cuffling

From €903,95

Sand/Cement Enamel Hinged Cuffling

From €903,95

Aubergine/Turquoise Enamel Hinged Cuffling

From €903,95

Navy/A Good Blue Enamel Hinged Cuffling

From €903,95

Swamp/Turquoise Enamel Hinged Cuffling

From €903,95

Lawrence Enamel Hinged Cuffling

From €1.093,95

Completed Bracelets


Silver Babylock on Silver Heavy Curb Chain Bracelet


Silver Babylock on Silver Biker Chain Bracelet


Silver Boltlock on Silver Heavy Curb Chain


Silver Heartlock on a Silver Rolo Chain Bracelet


Silver Regular Lock on a Silver Hard Hook Bracelet


Silver Babylock on Silver Not So Heavy Curb Bracelet


Baby Heartlock on Silver Rolo Chain Bracelet


Gold Chubby Babylock on Gold Handmade Biker Chain Bracelet


Shop the look


Princess/Marigold Enamel Hinged Cuffling

From €903,95

Brass Cuffling®


MiniMega Curb Chain in Gold Bracelet

From €10.211,95

Stoned Chubby Medium Lock with Orange Sapphire



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