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The Inlay Series

All Inlay Opal Vinaigrette Necklace

This is the first of the series of "monochromatic" inlay pieces executed in opal. It consists of three separate pieces. First the Regular Lock in 18K yellow gold, entirely inlaid with 64 hand set opals. It hangs from a 30" Large Square Link Chain. The "Our Charmed Box" Vinaigrette is also entirely inlaid with opals, save for the bottom which has a screen and is designed to be a place to insert fabric or a cotton ball infused with your perfume of choice. Each of these are handmade and take between 2-3 weeks to complete. Each stone is carved and hand set. No two are ever the same.  Chain measures 30". Lock measures 

3.6cm x 2cm with a thickness of 3.7mm, closure is 8.5mm . Our Charmed Box measures  13mm x 13mm x 13mm. 

$ 30,000.00

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