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Heart Pieces

Heavy Curb Lariat with Yellow Gold Medium Lock and Yellow Gold Baby Heartlock

About The Piece: The highest expression of the "convertibility" of the collection, this rendition of the Heavy Curb featuring two locks can be worn as a lariat, as pictured, a long necklace, doubled as a necklace and finally as a bracelet. The locks are a Medium lock in 14k yellow gold and a 14k yellow gold Baby Heartlock and are both removable and can, themselves, be worn in other ways. If you want other combinations, you can "build your own" by purchasing locks and chains separately. To keep in mind it is always good to have one of the locks be slightly larger than the other.

32" Heavy Curb is sterling silver and 14K yellow gold.

Note, some of the photos to the left are of a similar Completed Piece, meant to show you different ways that you can wear this piece.

$ 2,194.00

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