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How we choose what stones we will work with for the collection is a combination of many factors. Is it beautiful? Is it unusual? Those are the obvious questions we ask but we also ask, Is it doing good in some way? This last question is something we are deeply conscious of as a company and as individuals.

Which is why we were smitten with the story of the Greenland Ruby.

Rubies? In Greenland?


When European scientists arrived in Greenland over 200 years ago to first study its geology, they encountered local Greenlandic people who were already familiar with red gemstones.The first official geological survey of the region was done in the summer of 1966, when gem quality ruby material was recorded on a small island in a lake at the head of the Tasiussarssuaq fjord. At the time, the island had no name, but today it’s called Ruby Island. Greenland Ruby named its mine site, Aappaluttoq, the Greenlandic word for red, to highlight the extraordinary amounts of rough ruby found in the rock.

The gems vary in color from the deep and vibrant red ruby known traditionally in the trade as “Pigeon’s Blood” to the lighter shades of pink (which are pink sapphire).

Greenland Ruby gems are mined by adhering to strict ethical, social, human rights, and environmental laws and responsible practices.

The deposit, where these rubies were mined is located in an icy mountainous landscape surrounded by majestic fjords.

We are thrilled to be offering a small selection of our pieces with Greenland Rubies in limited quantities.

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